What makes Reid A. Rosen so much better than other attorneys?  Part of the answer involves the ability to see a situation and consider possibilities that others did not; another part of the answer is value.

A true story highlights the difference:  One of my clients operated a business at a location which he had outgrown.  An ideal location was available for lease but that location was leased by another entity in another business which was going out of business.  My client's lease for its current premises continued for many more years.  How could I help my client?

First, I reviewed the  lease for my client's existing space.  It was leased by my client's entity with no personal liability.

Second, I reviewed the lease for the "going out of business" tenant and saw that the lease continued for a number of years with an option to extend.  I thought the space was ideal for my client and he agreed.

Third, I negotiated to give the "going out of business" tenant more money than it had to pay as rent under its own lease every month if it assigned its lease to my client  - which it did.  The new rent AND payment were less than my client's current lease.  (But as you will see, the additional money my client agreed to pay was only for a short period of time - to enable my client to assume the lease!)

Fourth, my client abandoned the old lease, leaving its old premises and started the same business - under a new entity but with the same trade name (assumed name) - at the new location.

Fifth, I advised my client to exercise his option to extend the term of the newly assumed lease, and then, having locked up the building for years to come, I negotiated (on behalf of the client) to buy the building containing those premises!

Sixth, I formed a new entity under which my client purchased the building.  Immediately after the purchase, my client canceled the assumed lease (and stopped paying the additional rent) and entered into a new lease of the premises to his business. 

My client was extremely pleased with both the outcome and my work - he is now one of my best friends.