Real Estate, including Commercial Leases

  • I expertly handle all aspects of a real estate transaction, whether commercial or residential, from the initial negotiations to the post closing follow-up. All documents necessary to complete the transaction successfully are thoroughly prepared, reviewed and negotiated.
  • Should you purchase real property for investment?  For commercial real estate, are there any tenants' leases being assigned and assumed?  If so, I recommend obtaining estoppel certificates besides reviewing the leases and obtaining representations and warranties from the seller.  Will your lender, if any, provide non-disturbance agreements to tenants? What type of entity should you choose - corporation?  Limited liability company?
  • Did you consider the tax ramifications of the purchase or sale?
  • What rights should a tenant require or walk away from a lease negotiation?
  • Do you have an "exit" strategy?
  • What are the essential components of every commercial lease?
  • What are the hidden "gotcha" elements landlords insert into their form leases?
  • What about financing considerations?  I can help you negotiate the terms of any loan and help you obtain the terms you deserve.
  • If commercial or retail property, I can review the leases of existing tenants and determine if the property can generate more revenue than it currently generates. I can prepare and negotiate leases for proposed tenants.
  • Acquiring or selling a shopping center or stand-alone building?  A building with retail or commerical tenants?  I can advise you on all stages of the transaction. 
  • What type of brokerage agreement?
  • What additional fees are likely to be incurred?
  • What if the broker or seller told me something important about the property but the statement is not in the contract?
  • Is there a survey for the property?
  • Why do sellers typically give buyers a $500 credit upon purchase of a personal residence?
  • Do purchasers need a survey?
  • Do purchasers need a lien search?


Don't hesitate to ask me questions about your real estate transaction.   Buying and selling real estate, including cooperative apartments and condominiums, is one of the most stressful matters you will ever face.  If you are concerned or just have questions - do not hesitate to ask me.