The Law Office of Reid A. Rosen, Esq.

The Law Office of Reid A. Rosen, Esq. is at your service. I provide experienced, professional representation with a well thought-out approach to your legal needs. Being a solo practitioner allows me to have direct command of the facts and circumstances of your matter to better assist you.  I have more than thirty years of extensive experience and my specialized knowledge paves the way for custom-made, targeted solutions.

What I Offer; What Makes Reid A. Rosen better?

Learn about the fields of law in which I specialize by clicking "Fields of Law" here.

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial real estate leasing of all types, including retail, office and restaurants
  • Real estate purchase and sales, including commercial and residential condominiums, co-operative apartments and single family homes
  • Estate Planning, including preparation of Wills and Trusts
  • Probate of Wills and Administration of Estates
  • General Business advice for individuals, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, including formation, dissolution, operating agreements, shareholders' agreements, and the like
  • Tax Planning for individuals and entities

I also provide many specialized services for restaurateurs, including (but not limited to!) negotiation and drafting of leases, purchase and sale of asset, stock and membership agreements, liquor license applications, corporate change applications, Form I-9 compliance, Federal and New York State wage and hour compliance, prevention of sexual harassment claims as well as general business advice.

About My Legal Practice

In urgent legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts -- just as important is initiative, being able to conclude matters smoothly and quickly, being able to foresee likely and possible areas of dispute, and making sure that what was agreed upon is actually completed after the client leaves.

An overview of my services

  • I provide prompt and skillful efficient service.
  • I deliver legal advice as if I were your general counsel for all matters: if I cannot provide legal service up to my normal standards due to my own lack of knowledge in certain fields (such as ERISA), I will tell you and help you to obtain counsel in those legal areas.
  • I serve your interests and your interests alone are paramount.
  • I continually monitor your legal matters and keep you updated without being requested to do so.

If you have any questions regarding your legal matters, please do not hesitate to ask me.